Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Season

First, it was my dear roommate Emily's birthday on January 29th.

 Then it was mine on Wednesday and my roommates made me this awesome cake! How did they know I love Paraguay?! Impressive cake, no? I loved it!

 Then it was my roommate Ashling's birthday on Thursday. She was born in China so we're still trying to figure out who is older than who with the time difference. Emily made her a berry pie as a nice break from all the cake.  (Emily and I had just got home from an intramural soccer team, we don't always match unfortunately.)
 THEN, we were all at the Judd's house (our professor from Jerusalem) for dinner on Friday and came home unexpectingly to our apartment FULL of friends, karaoke, and food. It was the most surprising surprise birthday party of my life! Jamie and Brooke and Nicolle had been planning it for weeks without any of us knowing! We had a pinata and an epic dance party and a towering colorful cake. It was soooo fun. It was so nice of our friends to come to yet another party after having been to three smaller ones that week for each of our birthdays. They are troopers. Or, they just like free cake.

It was a fun birthday week. This Thursday it's Olivia's birthday (last one on the right). Good thing because it's been a few days since we've celebrated.

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