Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grateful to Twenty

I will finish my Egypt posts as soon as I figure out how to charge my laptop which has my pictures on it. My charger blew and smoked and doesn't work anymore...so in the meantime:
Today I turned 20 years old! And today, like every day here, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Here are just 20 things I'm grateful for:

1.  I'm grateful for whatever it is about this trip that helps me realize specific attributes about myself I need to improve on. It's overwhelming, but I try to remember Richard G Scott's quote that we must be each day that which we hope to become.
2. I'm grateful to my dad for the awesome camera he got me for Christmas! It makes this trip even more fun and it's a highlight taking pictures with it.
3. I'm grateful to Hope for letting me borrow so many of her clothes on this trip! Also, for her witty and entertaining emails and her friendship.
4. I'm grateful to my mom for educating me about Jerusalem and sharing her love of Israel with me. I don't think I would be here if it were not for her.
5. I'm grateful to be in a place where my scriptures are my constant companion, my most important text book, and my most useful field trip manual.
6. I'm grateful my friend Jessica Moose is here with me! She's always looking out for me and is a listening ear to my shallow worries and provider for great conversations and inspiration.
7. I'm grateful for perfect health.
8. I'm grateful for funny professors. A famous quote from Egypt: "What's the point of the word of wisdom if people act like they've had 6 beers even when they haven't?"
9. I'm grateful for inspiring professors. Brother Muhlestein is a fountain of spiritual realizations. He alone makes this trip worth every penny.
10. I'm grateful for the internet.
11. I'm grateful for America. I could go on for pages about why.
12. I'm grateful to be a BYU student. Honestly, I wouldn't rather attend anywhere else in the world. Literally every day in Provo or Jerusalem I almost pop with gratitude that I get to attend BYU. The honeymoon phase will never end.
13. I'm so grateful for the support and friendship I have from friends back home. I'm thankful for the loving emails, blog comments, and g-chats.
14. Pita bread with nutella. 'Nuff said.
15. I'm grateful I'm literate. When I'm in places where everything is in Hebrew or Arabic and can't understand a thing, I'm even more motivated to do something about countries like Egypt where only 45% of people are literate.
16. I'm grateful for all the new friends I've made among the students here. What other group of people would sing happy birthday to me 5 times before noon? I've been told happy birthday at least 100 times by now. They are all an inspiration to me and I look up to and admire each person here for one quality or another.
17. I'm grateful I haven't had to live one second of my 20 years of life without the endless love of my parents. Most of the blessings I have are result of the wise choices they have made. I'm so thankful for their support and guidance. It was so wonderful to hear their voices on the phone this morning!
18. I'm grateful for beautiful views of Jerusalem from any window in the center.
19. I'm grateful for beautiful weather in January.
20. I'm grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. For the understanding love, comfort, hope, and peace He offers each of us. Even though it doesn't matter where you are, I'm grateful to celebrate my birthday in a setting where I can learn more of Him and feel His love so strongly.


  1. Happy Birthday Faith!

    Ok, I think I have some pita I can pull out of the freezer and I know we have some unopened Nutella from Christmas in the pantry......you keep talking about this and maybe I better try it. :-)

  2. Haha, I don't know that the combo is inherently delicious. The pita here is just really fresh and good, and we are chocolate-deprived, so it's the best we can do. :)

  3. Oh, my sweetie! I read this through my tears. Your grateful heart will take you far in life and in your spiritual progression.

  4. Your strength and love of our Savior is so inspiring, we love you.

  5. Oh Faith you are so awesome, I love you so much! And I like all your clothes too. Thanks for those! :)

    First, happy happy birthday!
    Okay, I've only had a second to look through your blog and I already want to cry. I can't even tell you how much I miss all of this already! Honestly, don't let one single minute go to waste. Not one.
    And enjoy these professors-- they are beyond incredible, as I'm sure you're already discovering, and they have so much to offer. And you get to live in the same building and talk to them every day. SUCH a blessing.
    Oh goodness I can't wait to talk to you sometime!

    Can you say hi to Bros. Muhlestein and Judd and Chadwick for me?? And their amazing wives and families? And all the Jacksons? And the security guards for good measure? Hahaha... I miss and love them all!

    Hope all's well for you-- Love you, cute girl! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Faith. Happy 20th. You're incredible, and such a wonderful example to me. I love you. Happy Birthday.

  8. Um....I know I already commented (it didn't say anything about any limits!) but oh my goodness FAITH! I wish you were here in Provo with me while I am here because you are one of the reasons I was so excited to be up here. You are such a strength to me even as far away as Jerusalem...can't imagine being in the same city as you! Thank you so much for the person you are! I am so glad you were born! Nuff said ;) (I loved that by the way...and Elder Scott's quote is one of my favorites! I think you've mastered becoming who you want to become)


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