Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Almost Buried Alive

Today we went on another of our little study breaks where we discovered some tombs right under one of the streets we go down all the time. We paid 10 shekels (around $3) for a guy to let us in (I'm pretty sure it was just a random guy who took advantage of tons of naive students who didn't know how to get in....he made bank) and at first just saw some pretty arches. I thought we had got really ripped off.

But then, Nathanael had the guts to go into an excavation site and found a hole with bars and construction blocking it. He climbed down inside, and even though I felt as rebellious as I've ever been, I followed. That's where the real tomb was. It was more fun because felt we discovered it on our own. It was huge and we got to lay where dead kings used to lay. I really don't know which kings were buried there, or if anyone knows. But it was a great afternoon and I got to feel pretty Indiana Jones-ish.

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