Monday, February 21, 2011

Was Blind, but Now I See

The field trips just keep getting better and better. Today, even though it was cloudy and cold, we went to the City of David, which is just a part of Jerusalem next to the temple mount.

                                                        Ashling and I with David's Harp!

We saw the site and the large stones of David's Palace. There are few places that are more historically rich. Here David saw Bathsheba, composed psalms, repented, prayed, fasted. Here is where Bathsheba and Nathan consulted with him about Adonijah being the next king. Isaiah also walked those very stone floors.
We saw the quarry where the stone was cut out to build David's palace and the surrounding buildings.

Then we walked through all  1770 feet of Hezekiah's tunnel! I had never fully understood the significance of that tunnel, but now I really do. It brings the waters of the Gihon spring (the water of which enabled the settling of Jersualem in the first place) inside the walls of Jerusalem to the pool of Siloam. It was built in 701 B.C. by the righteous King Hezekiah as preparation for possible Assyrian attack.
The water was actually not very cold, and it only came up to our thighs in a couple places. It was so much fun to walk through it, I could do it again right now. And mom, we did sing a couple songs for fun, but not out of clostrophobia. This is us just outside the tunnel.

The pool of Siloam is at the other end of the tunnel, and is where Christ sent the blind man to wash after putting clay on his eyes. Can you imagine seeing for the first time? I know that each of us, no matter how much we think we see, can let Christ open our eyes even more. With faith in Christ, we all can have our eyes opened to better see the goodness in people, our vision enlarged to see what is truly important in life. Even though I had a strong testimony before coming here, I can feel my eyes being opened more with every spiritual experience.

"One thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see."


  1. FAITH!!!! huulllooo ol' chap :) why are you gone forever and ever????

  2. Lee! I'll be home in two months and hopefully see you before you leave on your mission! I feel so disconnected to you without facebook...ha. My email address is at the bottom of the page if you have anything exciting to say!


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