Friday, April 12, 2013

This isn't missionary WORK; it's missionary FUN!

My dearest Family,

Wow, aren`t we all just full to bursting after this weekend? Aren`t we all as convinced as ever that we have a prophet and 12 apostles? That this is Christ`s church?
We were able to watch all the sessions in English, thankfully! It is such a blessing to watch it in the same langauge it is spoken in. It is not the same when it is translated, and the poor people watching in spanish all stand up and watch in silence as the choir sings in English, without knowing a word. Anyway, I`ll type a shortened version of a list of thoughts I had if I have time. I got so many answers from conference to questions I had for my area and for the type of person I need to become. 
We recently began teaching a wonderful young woman named Karen. After our first visit she prayed and felt the spirit tell her this is true. She reads the book of Mormon and takes notes! And yesterday she came to conference! She was dressed like a cute little BYU student, she looked like a lifelong member. As soon as it was over she asked me, "What time does church start next week?" She`s very prepared and intelligent. We had told her we would visit on Thursday, but we didn`t have time because I was sick with a hot fever and head ache and ended up sleeping for a couple hours at a member`s house while Hna. Greer did different visits with another member. Anyway, she was worried we weren`t going to come back, and on Friday prayed that if the church is true, we would visit her that day. And on Friday I specifically made time to visit Karen and it was an answer to her prayer. She kneeled down at the end of the lesson and thanked God for that answer. 
On Wednesday we got to go to the temple! I got to go with Hna. Francois and see her again. We did a few visits and then were going to go straight to Asuncion to the temple, but in our visit it began to unexpectedly POUR. Pics are included. Anyway, it was such a great feeling to walk from the muddy, stressful, noisy atomosphere of Paraguayan streets and buses to drop off my muddy boots at the guard`s house of the temple, change into white clothes, and be in the holiest place in the country of Paraguay. The peace is truly out of this world. I wished I could stop time while I was in there. After not being for a year, so many important things were brought to my rememberance that I had forgotten. Truly, my greatest blessing that I have and will ever have is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, and on top of that an endowed member. 
Also; I met a sister named Jeanne Price (maiden name Mortensen) who pronounced my name right and said Ronnie and Christine Goimarac are her dear friends, and Mr. Goimarac (papa!!) was her school principle. What a great connection, huh? She`s from Manassah Colorado. 
Ester is doing so great. On Monday we had an FHE with her and a member family and she said that she used to be so much more anxious, that when things weren`t going well (such as her husband ignoring her) she wanted to kill someone she was so upset. But now, after finding the gospel, she says she is so much more at peace and has patience. She said, "The gospel really changes you!" We went with her to the stake center to get her temple recommend because she wants to go with the ward to their temple trip on Saturday to do baptisms! 
One thing I got out of conference is the need to be more positive. Hna. Greer made the point that in the 13th article of faith it says we SEEK after all things that are lovely, of good report, praiseworthy, etc. Sometimes that means that the good things are not right in front of us. We need to seek to notice and recognize the good. I was very touched by the story of that roommate of one of the 70, named Bruce, who was the most optimistic person he knows, who never said anything negative. I want to be like that. I have a renewed goal to be the most optimistic person I know. I want to only notice the good in people and situations. Who am I to judge?
I so loved what you said mom, that I want to copy your paragraph for the rest of the family, "Tonight, dad took Matthew to the Priesthood session.  Oh, he was so excited to go!  As they were walking out the door, dad came and gave me a kiss goodbye.  Matthew saw and came back to me and also gave me a kiss goodbye.  He took notes, which he read to me when he got home, and thoroughly enjoyed being with all the men and going with all of them to McDonald's for ice cream afterward."
That paragraph really brought the spirit to me. The home is what it is all about. The Priesthood is so important. I love my mom and dad and nieces and nephews and siblings so much. 
Well, here is a little (edited slightly for public viewing) list of some other things I thought during conference;
1. I need to be more humble by accepting new ideas and advice all the time, and changing constantly to improve.
2. I should be focusing on if I`m giving my all.
3. I will be the most optimistic person I know. Goodbye negative thinking!
4. The Savior is the ONLY way to Salvation, to pass through the gate. He "employs no servants there."
5. I need to teach the Restoration with the awed, amazed tone of voice it deserves.
6. I want to teach as boldy as L. Tom Perry gives conference talks. Now if only I can aquire that wise quiver in his voice.
7. If I am to make a difference, I have to BE different.
8. I will not yell at my kids.
9. I will not let technology take my attention away from my kids. 
10. You milk the cow when she needs to be milked, not when you want to milk her!
11. I will bridle all my passions. Obedience to the law of chastity largely determines our happiness. 
12. "No force in the entire world can stop the work of God!"
13. A great test in life---will I follow the traditions of my fathers or Jesus Christ? (I`m using that with my next virgin-worshipping investigator, si o si)
14. Marriage is a gift of God to us. The quality of our marriage is our gift to him. 
15. Man. Sometimes I just really want to get married. 
16. Who are we to substitute our own rules for God`s laws?
18. I love how many times in conference the speakers said, "Jesus said..."   Are we in His church, or what?
19. I can be more obedient. Yes.
20. The best school is called "home."
21. Faith, literally befriend the poor and the weak. Serve until it hurts. Then serve some more.
22. I loved Elder Christofferson`s talk on redemption. It is my responsibility to redeem people from all types of suffering. And the best way is through inviting them to the Ultiimate Redeemer.
23. I will ever praise God for the privilege of being a woman.

Well, I`m out of time. 

You Missionary-Fun-loving Sister Missionary,
Hna. Goimarac

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