Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Surely our best evidence of our adoration of Jesus is our emulation of Him." Elder Nelson‏ (Photos at end)

Dearest Family,
Even though I just talked to you two days ago I still have a normal amount of things to say! Mostly thoughts that are just better put in writing than a skype conversation. I realized shortly after our whole conversation I forgot to say happy Mothers Day, so that night I wrote you a poem, mom. It`s not perfect rhyme-wise but it perfectly describes how I feel. 
My Heaven-Sent Friend
God uses angels to teach his children,
To teach them to love and obey.
He sends angels in forms of parents and brethren,
Whose examples show others the way.
These angels are given to one and to all, 
In forms of leaders, family, or friends.
If perhaps one feels forgotten by God,
He must recognize the angels He sends.
In trying to be God`s angel in Paraguay,
In trying to love, teach, and minister,
I realize God prepared me the same way,
By sending me to my angel mother.
All that I say and all that I do,
I first saw and did watching her.
I watched my return-missionary mom,
I became who I am next to you. 

As my mom follows Christ, and I follow her,
It works like that law of mathematics.
Through honoring them, my mother and father,
We honor the Savior together.
All mothers give birth and buy the basics,
But my mother does so much more.
Like the Savior, Himself, she gives her life to her kids,
For her, loving them is never a chore.
Although those she loves are so far from perfect,
And don`t recognize sacrifices made,
Of herself she thinks not, she gives them her all,
Asking only that Him we obey. 
Jesus is more than my Savior and King,
On top of that, He`s my loyal friend.
My mom is more than a mother to me,
She`s my dependable friend to the end. 

In short, all that I am and hope to become,
I owe to my heaven-sent mother.
And all that`s because in her I can see,
The traits of my God-sent Brother.
I really love you SO much, Mom. :) 

Between it being Mothers Day, and some talks in church yesterday, and some experiences I`ve had, I`ve been thinking a lot about family--the importance of it and how blessed I am to have been born into mine. I truly believe what President David O McKay said that "No accomplishment can compensate for failure in the home." All kinds of memories have been popping into my head of fun things that we have done as a family, or normal things we did during which I felt the spirit. We have been teaching an 18 year old girl named Analia (I have another story about her coming up) who is the friend of a member Pati Perez. She doesn`t live in our area, but Analia`s dad got really violent and left the family, so Analia has been almost living with Pati, (which makes it really easy to teach her with a member present!). Last night we taught her and Analia said how at the Perez`s home she feels a peace and spirit that she has never, ever, even once felt in her own home. She recognizes that the Spirit is in the Perez home because they live the gospel. I just was really struck by that. I think I took growing up in a gospel environment for granted. We had the spirit in our home even when we didn`t recognize it. 
In Paraguay I have entered into hundreds of homes, and so few of them have the happy environment every home should have. Families are more than just people living together. Families are what it is all about. I am so thankful for my parents who understand that. Thinking about my parents and my home these past few days have made me realize it is truly my greatest desire in life to be an angel mother, to create a home where my children can grow up feeling loved and spiritually fed. From what I hear about events happening in the U.S., I feel like I will have to battle for such views on the family during my life. I think my beliefs about marriage and family will be very persecuted, but I am so ready to take them on. Without the gospel I think I probably would put my heart and time and efforts on a career or some other pursuit. I am so thankful to know that what God expects first of me is to raise a righteous family. Almost all of the world´s social problems could be solved by strengthening the family. So, that`s one way I plan on strengthening the world.

Karen was going to get baptized on Saturday but neither her mom nor dad would sign her baptismal record to give her permission. I said to Karen, "Just cry and beg your mom and tell her it`s what you really want to do." And Karen was like, "You think I haven`t already cried and cried? I`ve done everything." So, she didn`t get baptized on Saturday but she went to church the next day and has every intention of being true so that her parents can see her determination. However, there was a baptism of a convert from a different ward, which we went to with the Benitez family and Analia. They all were very touched and felt the Spirit. We have been teaching Analia for 2 weeks and tried to commit her to a baptismal date, but she has always been hesistant to set a goal. But after the baptism she came up to us and said, "Sisters, I...I....I just....." and then she started to cry. With tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks she said, "Yo quiero bautizarme. El 25 de Mayo fue la fecha?" (I want to be baptized on May 25.) and we all hugged her so tightly and cried. It was a big step for her. She said, "I just decided right now." Pati is her friend and hugged her and cried and thanked us so much. I couldn`t help but think of that scripture that says, "How great will be your joy if ye shall spend all your days crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul, unto me." 
There`s this guy at church who just popped in out of nowhere. I had never seen him until a few weeks ago. His name is Edgar Espinola and he joined the church 11 years ago, and served a mission two years later in Uruguay. He`s still the only member in his family. Anyway, he was inactive for a few months but just came back to church in full swing and was called as our ward mission leader (hoooray! We finally have one!). Last night we had a ward mission meeting and he was strict! He wants to do visits with us every night Tuesday, Thrusday and Saturday, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the elders. I am so thankful for a ward mission leader! They honestly have the power to change so many lives. 

I have been trying to memorize more of the Bible to use in lessons. In flipping through the Bible so much I have noticed how so many parts say, "By their fruits ye shall know them." I would urge anybody who doubts the church to go to the mormonnewsroom.org and I bet there are probably right now articles about how the church helps people in so many catstrophes. When I see people like Edgar who give so much of their time to spread the gospel, or when I see member families like the Perez family who are happy and at peace because they live the gospel, or when I think about the thousaands of hours of service that members and missionaries do for people not of our faith....I just can`t help but see that the good fruits of the church come from a very good tree. 
Because of a disturbing email I received I have prayed more than usual to ask yet again if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the church is true. I prayed a lot about it this week, and every time I prayed I felt such a comforting, loving affirmation that can only come from the True Vine Himself. I know with all my heart the church is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet. The fruits of the restoration are too good to be from men. God is behind this church, I feel His help every day. Hanging up from our skype call on Saturday, I was actually so happy to be on my mission and not at home yet. I have so much to do here. Home can wait.

Your Sister Missionary,
Hermana Faith Goimarac
Here`s me with Hna. Nery ( a long time ago), me today on our way to email you in the rain. 


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