Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Publishers of Peace (Photos at end)

Dear Family,

Mom, I just love your enthusiasm for the sisters in the ward. And I am so impressed with all the baptisms coming up in Sedona! That 40 day fast really paid off. I need to suggest it. I will be here for the next 40 days, at least, haha. I`m still in Isla Bogado. I honestly thought I would get transfered because I`ve been here since January, but I`m content. I might just be here half my mission. But we moved houses (closer to the sister who does our laundry and closer to the church! Halleluja!) so it`s kind of like I had transfers. 
But I am now training again! So I`m not a sister training leader anymore. :(  President called me Monday and said he really needed us to train. I am finishing the second half of Hna. Macfarlane`s training; she had a rough start with a difficult companion, so I`m happy to help her. Although, I really wanted another change with dear Hna. Macahuachi. Good things we`re friends for life. 
So much has happened this week, I don`t remember what. Oh, we had to get the rabies shots for Hna. Macfarlane, and after getting 14 (pobrecita!) (poor thing!) she was ordered to stay in bed for 10 days. Gulp.  I would not have that. SO I asked Pres for a local companion and said I would find members to stay with Hna. Macfarlane during the day. We`ve been doing that. Hna. Aguero from a ward nearby who is waiting for her mission call came. She`s great and teaches better than me. She`s great and I like being with her. It`s my first three-some. We are quite a crowd. But I don`t recommend three-somes. Today we waited for 3 HOURS for a rabies shot. After talking to everyone in the waiting room....I realized I have learned lots of patience on my mission but still have a ways to go. But I have seen how the Lord has really helped us to find new people and do lots in the little time we have had to work this week. He is really walking right in front of us I feel, preparing our path. I wish I had time to give examples.
So we moved houses and it was definitely a downgrade, haha. The elders helped us move and tactfully said it is a "Hansel and Gretel house," because it is very simple. It kind of feels like we`re camping all the time because there is no kitchen sink and the doors are all very breezy and we`ve been FREEZING for the past week (it`s 7 degrees again today!). But it was the only house we could find, and really, it`s fine. I`ll send pics someday. The best part is there are goats behind our house and I get to wake up to their beautiful little bleats. Takes me back. :)
Yesterday after church Hna. Aguero stayed home with Hna. Macfarlane and I went out with Leonela. She`s a convert of just 4 years who married the Perez`s son after her mission. She`s like my best friend. We loved being comps for a few hours. It`s a plus that she drove us around in their little car and we didn`t have to walk in the cold. 
On Saturday morning I called Susan to confirm an appointment with them for that night. She said, "Hermanita, I`m walking into my exam right now (she just started law school) but yes! Come later!" So when we went later she mentioned, "When you called this morning I was in line for my exam, and after hanging up the lady next to me said, "Who are you calling 'hermanita'?" and I said, It`s an hermana from the church, a missionary." And the lady said, "Don`t tell me you`re a MORMON?" and Susan said, "Yes I am! But the truth is, it`s called the Church of Jesus Christ. Mormon was just the prophet who wrote in the book of Mormon, which is a book that testifies of Jesus Christ." and Susan pulled her book out and showed it to everyone who was in line for the exam. She asked them what church they go to, and they said, "church of San Blas," "church of Maria," etc. And she said, "Well if you go to the church of San Blas you follow San Blas, but I go to the Church of Jesus Christ because I follow Jesus Christ." I couldn`t believe her courage and how accurately she explained the BOM! I definitely never explained it like that; it`s all from her own studies. They all went to church yesterday and their daughters loved church. After primary their 11 year old daughter Estephanie came up to me and said, "Sister, what is this beautiful feeling here?" :) Children are so good at recognizing the spirit because they`re so pure.
I feel like my prayers and fasts that I`ve done recently to improve the work in this area are really paying off, finally. I have a lot of hope, but sometimes I lack faith in people. People who keep saying they will go to church, and don`t, etc. We are teaching three youth, two sisters and a brother named Ramonita, Fatima and Junior (ages 15, 13 and 11). They live with their aunt who (according to all the neighbors) is not a kind person. They have had a hard life. But they love church. They go all by themselves, for 4 weeks in a row now. 

Also, mom, yes, I leave on October 9. Plan away for our church history trip. In November Emily Armstrong and I want to go to Utah to find housing and I want to apply to work at the MTC, and see some friends there. Hope, I have been thinking of you all week and loved your email. Someday you`ll get the package I sent to Brazil on June 5th.....in the mean time I hope mom keeps sending you dear elders and brownies. 
I don`t have anything spiritually as deep as what you said, Hope. I am out of time but just want to say that the Spirit really works. It leads us and protects us.  I don`t think I`m fully aware of the many things I have been protected from, the many dangers that have not crossed my path because the Lord protected us. I am so thankful for the warmth of the truth of the gospel, keeping me going in this frigid weather. 
In such a distraught world, all I want to be is a peace publisher. That is my goal. And I know the gospel is what brings peace more than anything in the whole world, because it is from the Prince of Peace himself,  not from men. I know the Book of Mormon is true, my testimony of it has tripled on my mission. It is so important and is truly the proof that this is the Lord`s church. 
Have a wonderful week and keep working hard in the work of the Lord. 

Sister Goimarac, I

1. Susan and Carlos and two of their daughters, on Hna. Macahuachi`s last night. 
2. Leonela de Perez and I. She is my favorite!
3. Hna. Aguero, my local comp, and Hna. Macfarlane and I at our favorite P-day lomito arabe restaurant.
4. Elders, elders, elders. How we love them. This is my zone before transers. 
5. Jacklyn and Hernardo in their little house, about as big as it looks. Pray that they can quit smoking. They`re doing great so far. 


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