Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Symbol of the High Life: The PBJ

This post is written while fueled by:

This is my typical lunch (or breakfast, or dinner) Monday-Friday. A PBJ pulled out of my backpack and eaten while walking across campus between class and work. Sometimes my PBJ is replaced with a PBBH (peanut butter banana honey) or a SAT (spinach, avocado, tomato).

While eating it and rushing around--sometimes even answering an email on my phone to add to my multi-tasking of eating and walking--it often hits me of just what those circumstances mean. Holy cow, think about it!
-I am enrolled in a great university, and so busy with learning and making money and meeting amazing people that I don't have time to be at home and cook (nor time in the morning to prepare a lunch of more variety because the good life starts early and I get to go running and read my scriptures before I walk to campus at 7:30).
-I have enough money for whole wheat bread, peanut butter, honey, and even a zip lock bag. And we even have zip loc bags in this country.
-I have friends who take me with them to go grocery shopping. So I am able to get that grocery store goodness into my very own apartment without having to carry it by hand. 
-I am healthy enough to walk around campus and go, go, go.

Peanut butter sandwiches have always been a symbol of prosperity for me. I wrote about it four years ago on my first little blog,

 "As I sit in a comfortable office chair in air conditioned comfort surrounded by kind people and a tree covered in blossoms outside the window, I can't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude and think about the billions of people who are uncomfortable right now, those without chairs and computers and good views and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch."

If you ever want to have a deep conversation with me, bring up peanut butter sandwiches. I've personally amazed myself with how much I have to say about them.  It goes so much further than just the crunchy vs creamy debate (which in and of itself can be deep). 

Never, ever, complain when eating your 7th PBJ in a week. You're living the high life. 


  1. Ahem, you can buy fold-and-close sandwich bags for a third of the price. Just sayin'. And then you shake them out or wash them and reuse them the next day. You DID say once you were thankful that your mother taught you to be frugal, so I'm just continuing the lesson ;-) And incidentally, in Hope's last email she said something about us enjoying peanut butter for her since she can't get it down there. Make sure you send her this post. Love ya! Mom

  2. Just for the record, Emily bought the zip loc bags and let's me use them. Otherwise yes, I'd probably have the cheaper kind. :)


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