Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer Gratitude List

This blog has been a little neglected during the summer. Here's a little of what I've done and what I'm grateful for since my last post in June. We'll do this picture-book style.

 I've loved living with these girls--Nicolle, Brooke, and Ashling. They are always a happy sight to come home to and are truly uplifting.
 I ran a half marathon with Carson and we beat our goal time! It was a beautiful race and an amazing experience. I am so, so, so thankful for my health, for Carson, for running, for good causes like races for cancer.

My friend Jessica Jackson was visiting from Indiana and we organized a little Jerusalem reunion. Jerusalem is still blessing my life--three years later.

And these friends of mine from freshmen year are also continuing to bless my life--5 years later. Wow, I've been at BYU a long time. All six of us freshmen roommates went on missions, and the last two came home this summer! Our missions from left to right were Paris, Spain, Florida, Phillippines, Paraguay, and Idaho.
 This is a great action shot I got of Carson when we went to the Mona rope swings. Now we're eligible to graduate, having checked that off the BYU bucket list.

 A highlight of my summer was teaching 13 highschool-age youth at a mission prep camp at BYU for a week. The world is in good hands with youth like these in it. I was so touched by their desires to serve God, to prepare themselves to serve better, to learn the gospel, and to share the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ no matter the obstacles. I'm so thankful for the examples they are to me.

 A major part of my summer and the upcoming semester is my internship with the Utah State University Extension office. I am a nutrition educator with a program called Food $ense that teaches nutritious eating on a budget. I've loved interacting with the community in Provo, using my Spanish, and promoting fruits and vegetables via samples at Farmer's Markets, classes, and demonstrations. Eating healthy is so much more fun than most people tend to think. I love my major and my job.
 As a final hurrah, Carson and I just went to my home in Sedona for a week. We surprised my parents with a big 60th birthday party. Seeing their faces as they walked into our backyard full of friends, family, food, and was priceless. I was so thankful to be able to see all of my family (minus Hope who gets home from her mission in THREE months!) and nieces and nephews.
After Arizona, we went to Idaho for a wedding. It was great to be with Carson's family and friends. 

In all my activities and endeavors and footsteps this summer, I've been thankful for how much good there is to be found in this beautiful life we all get to live. There are people we can influence, there is love to be given and felt, there are friendships to kindle and people to re-connect with...there is really more to do than can ever be done. And it's great.

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  1. You didn't mention how Carson proposed! How could you leave that out? Details! lol


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