Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Goodbye Weekend

It’s been a weekend full of good-byes. It’s hard to say them because it was not expected. It’s no fun to explain to people why we’re leaving a month earlier than we planned. Especially the children on campus. Some of them understand, but most of them don’t.

On Saturday we were so very grateful to have the chance to go to Rising Star campus and say goodbye to the students. We thought we’d never get to go back. We only had two hours, but that was enough time to take lots of photos and play with the children one more time. They are seriously some of the most precious, forgiving, accepting, fun, friendly, adorable souls ever.
 These two girls, above and below are Mariyam and Mymonisha. It would be hard to just pick one or even two, but if I could I would take these girls home with me. They are some of my best friends here.

This is Moosa, Mariyam's younger brother. They are both very caring, helpful, friendly, kind, intelligent children. I hope my children are like them!
Mithuna, Vana, and Sveta
I will especially miss the girls that I had a choir group with each Sunday. About 8 older girls would eagerly come to the music room of Rising Star’s school and we’d gather around the piano and sing Primary Songs, hymns, fun songs, David Archuleta songs, and practice the India version of our own national anthem—May God Bless India. I’ve never seen girls enjoy singing together so much. They would talk about choir with me every day during the week, so excited for Sundays. 

Today at church I got to do singing time with the primary for the last time. Leading singing time in the Chennai branch is a lot like leading singing time in my home ward, Sedona. About 8 kids (on a good day) and one or two who actually sing. I will miss going to church here.

 This is Kala, she works at Rising Star. She has two sons at BYU right now. She’s the kindergarten teacher at RSO and does an incredible job. She gifted me some earrings on Sunday. Such an impressive woman.

Raja and Ursula have been so good to us. They’re both return missionaries and are newly-weds even more newly-wedded than us!

We'll miss you, Chennai 1st branch!

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