Saturday, January 15, 2011

He Lives--My kind, wise, heavenly Friend.

This week I was able to visit the garden tomb twice! It is a tomb near Golgatha right in the middle of the city that may be where Christ was laid. On Wednesday I went with a few girls, and we had the whole place to ourselves. We went on a little tour by an elderly man who lives there and volunteers. He kind of bore his testimony to us that although we're not sure this is Christ's tomb, it doesn't matter where it happened, just that it DID happen. The empty tomb is testimony of His resurrection.
Then today after church our whole group went to the tomb together. We sung "I Stand All Amazed" right near Golgatha (they are almost 100% sure that that location is really where He was crucified) and "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" near the tomb. These two songs pretty much sum up my feelings. I'm just so thankful that I always have a friend in Jesus Christ, that He will always understand me. He must have felt so alone as He suffered and died for us, but because of Him, we will never have to feel that way. He is always there for us.


  1. Incredible that you can vist, and visit again, and again, and again. Are all of these significant places in the city within walking distance, or do you use public transportation? I was surprised when you said you had the tomb to yourself, I would have assumed that there are constantly people there visiting.

  2. All these places are within a 15 minute walk of where the Jerusalem Center is! Today we might use the bus to go to West Jerusalem (the modern part of the city) but for the most part we're able to walk everywhere. I do plan on going to the tomb often over the next four months, I'm especially glad it's free.

  3. How INCREDIBLE Faith! AH. wow. What an amazing experience to be right there where all of these amazing, historical events occurred.


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