Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gossip Girls

They usually start with someone's dilemma and they usually end with someone saying, "Guys I was going to get to bed early tonight!" Roommate chats. We all end up in Brooke and Nicolle's room and eventually cover topics of every sort. We talk about marriage, soul mates, boys, dating, and how long eternity is. However, while the subject of matrimony sometimes does dominate, there's also politics, missions, choosing a major, weird dreams, foreordination, Jerusalem, how precious the gospel is to us, motherhood, life dreams, and school.  I seriously lucked out to have such great roommates and I love our chats, no matter how late it gets (which is saying a lot for someone who's an early-to-bed early-to-riser). One thing I love about them is they don't talk about people unless they're talking about how amazing they are. We talk about ideas and solutions, so we're not gossip girls at all.  It seems like if we put our heads together as roommates we could solve (or at least sympathize with) any problem.  My roommates Emily, Ashling, Jamie, Brooke and Nicolle have been a great strength to me this semester and my best friends.

Our omniscient dialogues usually produce some great quotes for the quote wall. One of my favorites, "Women are great, it's just all the other people." Our quotes are pretty funny out of context.

It's nice to know that even if we neglect doing the dishes and slack off on our chore chart, we don't neglect each other. This was left near our piled-high sink the other day and cracked me up:

The days of final projects, presentations and tests are nigh. Pretty sure I'll need to recuperate with my girls of apartment 119.

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