Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You Got Hope, Right?

While I was home a bunch of us went Black Friday shopping and Hope and I were switching cars between stores, either going in my parent's car or my sister Carrie's. I was with my parents and was worried Carrie might have left Hope in Payless. So we rolled down the window and my dad asked Carrie, "You got Hope, right?"

That phrase stuck with me for a second. I thought how lucky I am that I got hope, both hope as in optimism that good things will come, and Hope as in my sister. But what a different life I would have without Hope my sister.
  • I wouldn't have had someone to play pioneers with in the treehouse all day long for the first 9 years of my life.
  • I wouldn't have had tea parties in the front lawn.
  • I wouldn't have enjoyed track in high school as much. Our relays wouldn't have won very often without her, either. 
  •  I wouldn't be as motivated. Just listening to Hope play the piano or watching her read through a Jane Austen in an afternoon makes you want to be better.
  •  I wouldn't have sung in church or at events like I have. I've only done that because the two of us made a duet. While I'm always a stickler to the melody, Hope is a great harmonizer.
  • Being homeschooled would have been less interesting and fun, being the only student. 
  • Heck, life would be less interesting and fun.
  • I would have less fashion taste. Hope is a little fashionista.
  • Going on trips with just my parents would have been ok, but going with Hope made it a blast. I'll never forget walking down the National Mall one rainy day in Wasington D.C. We were really giddy that day and I  was so thankful to have her as my sister. Also, the day we were driving in Cancun for hours and memorized the alphabet backwards together. 
  • I probably wouldn't have attempted downhill skiing until much later. I was terrified my first time down the bunny hill (ok, I still kind of am terrified when I ski), but Hope (as an 8 or 9-year old!) had no fear and went straight down.
  • I wouldn't have received those long, funny, witty, clever, long, supportive, hilarious emails while I was ever abroad. Nothing like logging into a dusty internet cafe with a homesick heart and getting a dose of Hope to lift your spirits and boost your self esteem.
  • Going home wouldn't be as fun. I realized this when I came home from Africa this summer and Hope was at BYU. It didn't seem like home without Hope.
  • I wouldn't have anyone to talk about the 100 Hour Board with.
  • I wouldn't have anyone to talk about a LOT of things with. There are some things I tell Hope and Hope only.
  • I would be much less spontaneous.
  • I wouldn't have this beautiful girl visiting my office at the MTC brightening any work day.
  • People wouldn't ask me, "Where's Charity?" That would be no fun.
 There is a lot that would be different if I didn't have Hope. I could fill pages if I had time. Hope has shaped a lot of who I am, in a very positive way. She's not just a sister but one of my best friends. I'm so thankful we were sent to the same family around the same time so we could grow up and share our lives. She's a great example to me of striving for excellence, doing hard things, and so much more. I love being at BYU with her and will miss her so much on my mission.

Watch out for her, because this girl is going places.

I'm glad I got you, Hope!


  1. You aren't the only one whose glad you got Hope. I'm glad you got her, too. Because if you didn't, I wouldn't!

    Love you both!! Mom

  2. I meant who's, not whose. And here I am, the grammarian of the family ;)


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