Monday, November 14, 2011

Always on my Mind

Usually I fall asleep within mintues of hitting the pillow. Usually I can focus a little better when studying for big, scary chronic disease tests like the one I have on Wednesday. But the past few days, I've had pretty much only one thing on my mind making me a tossing, turning jumbled mess of thoughts at night and nearly fruitless in studying. 
 Ok, I'll just cut to the chase: I should be receiving my mission call on Wednesday! Since I met with my stake president I have been counting down the days to the 16th of November. They have been the longest two weeks OF MY LIFE.
I have gone through the list of missions in the world so that I won't have the reaction, "Where is that?!" I have stopped in the halls of the MTC where I work to stare at the world map of all the missions. Anyone who comes in my apartment gets to write down their guess of where I will get called to. There is really nothing else like it: Volunteering yourself to go absolutely anywhere in the world for 18 months, following strict rules, all voluntarily. I think that is where some of the power lies, though: no one is making me do this, I want to with all of my heart and soul.
This is my mailbox. The beginning of all the excitment.
I'm thankful to realize though, that my call isn't just to a certain place. My call is as a missionary and the place I go is just my initial assignment. It doesn't really matter where I am assigned to, it matters that I WILL BE A MISSIONARY. Since my call and assignment come in the same letter it's natrual to just combine the two. But in reality, it doesn't matter where I serve, but how I serve. It's a big wonderful world out there and it's exciting to know I could go anywhere from Tahiti to Temple Square--and every place has people who are just as valuable and worth my efforts as the next. But, if I could have my pick I'd go somewhere where the people are humble and the weather is warm. And hopefully it's Spanish-speaking. That's my one little wish (along with leaving as soon as possible!).

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