Thursday, November 17, 2011

I had Hoped they Would Call me on a Mission...

Yesterday, my call came. Right on time. I was so happy. I brought it in from the mail box then left for work so I wouldn't be tempted to open it. I wrote in my journal about where I thought I would go. I said, "I'm hoping/thinking it will be to South America or at least somewhere Spanish-speaking."  I would have added Africa to that, but sisters don't go there much.
At 9 p.m. I had so many wonderful friends come over to watch me open it, it was really touching. My parents were on Skype. I hadn't been nervous all day, but a few minutes before I actually opened it my heart started beating faster and faster. What was on that paper determines so many things: the people I teach, the friends I make, the companions I have, the food I eat, the conditions I live in, the clothes I wear, the language I speak. But I knew it would be to a place that is just right for me, so I wasn't that nervous.

I couldn't believe this was happening. How long I had thought about a mission!  I had my goals taped to my ceiling above my bed all throughout high school, and one of them said, "I will go on a mission in 2012." That had seemed so far away. And now here I was!

I began reading my call. "Dear Sister Goimarac,"  So many missions flooding my head. 
"You are hearby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints." Oh my goodness, that is so right. That is who I am!  
"You are assigned to labor in..."
Would it be South America like I hoped? Was I supposed to learn a difficult language like Japanese or Russian? Was I going to Temple Square? 

I am going to the Paraguay Asuncion North mission! Leaving April 4, 2012! Speaking Spanish!
Missionary calls are beautiful letters, so full of promise and centered on what our message is about: Jesus Christ. If you can enlarge this photo you should read the whole thing.

I'm still overwhelmed with gratitude that I am going on a mission, and the cherry on top is that I'm going exactly where I wanted to go. I didn't NEED to get what I want, it's just an extra perk.  The Lord truly grants us with the righteous desires of our hearts. 

Have I mentioned how happy I am? And that's the reason I'm going on a mission, to bring the happiness of the gospel to others. My friend recently wrote the perfect post about why Mormons are so into missionary work at all. Please read it here! 

Mormons are so Pro-Mormon because we have the gospel of Jesus Christ, which makes us HAPPY--not only on earth but for eternity. 


  1. Faith!! I'm so excited for you! You will be such a wonderful missionary. Congratulations, and Paraguay will be awesome! :)

  2. Love this! I think you got these pictures from my camera....I was really confused at first. but I'm glad i took them! :)I'm so happy for you my dear friend and roommate. What a great example you are.

  3. Yes, thank you so much for taking those Emily! Documenting the moment was the last thing on my mind but I'm so glad I have them.
    Thanks Cammie! :) I appreciate the support of return sister missionaries so much!


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