Monday, September 30, 2013

"Because of our Father and His Son, we don’t have to run this last strenuous leg of the relay alone"--Sheri Dew

Dearest Family,
This may be the shortest email I have yet to write, which would probably be good because I tend to be pretty long-winded sometimes. Haha. But I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY but NO TIME.
This week:
-Celebrating Christmas was great! Hna. Owen drew me this awesome Faith`s Farm logo! It`s for my future goat dairy farm. I`m hiring her to do all my publicity. We made cinnamon rolls and gave them to all our progressing investigators, we had a wonderful Christmas dinner with the familia Flor. On Christmas eve we read a Christmas talk by Elder Eyring and drank hot chocolate by our little space heater, and sang Christmas hymns. It truly felt like Christmas; it was even cold. 
-We had the most charming, classic with-member lunch with Hno Arsenio Rojas. I have a picture with him. I wish I could have video-taped the whole thing for you to all experience having almuerzo (lunch) in Paraguay. He`s a recent convert. A year ago he was a classic Paraguayan older man who smoked and drank a lot and sat outside his little wood house with his cowboy hat on. Now he is the kind of guy who invites the sister missionaries over for lunch, has the hymns playing, has a stack of church books by his bed, has a calling and wears a white shirt and tie to church every Sunday. He insists we all eat as much as we can before he eats. 
-Yesterday we walked up to church just as Christian and his two little girls drove up on his moto. His wife Celia was sick, but Christian sure did a good job at getting his little girls ready, they were adorable in their little dresses and just happier than pigs in mud to be at church. We had given Christian a conference issue of the Liahona on Wednesday, and yesterday he said he had read half of it already, and bought a notebook to write down all the things that called his attention. He loves the gospel. Family baptism si o si (yes or yes) in October. 
-Last night Hno Guillen invited me over for a little despedida (farewell). We have been trying to help his daughter and boyfriend go to church. I just love Hno Guillen. I have never seen a guy who likes to talk so much, nor one who knows so much about the gospel. All you have to say is one frase and he can go off on that topic for 20 minutes unless you stop him. But while I listen to him, my heart just pops with love. That guy. There`s a pic of him and his daughter and baby, included. She gave me a bracelet as a goodbye present. Sweeet.
- Leonela called me last night. Isla Bogado update: Christian Morales got the priesthood yesterday! And Rossana`s two older sons got baptized on Saturday!
-Today I had my final interview with President McMullin. He made me feel so good about my mission. He started, "I have a question for you, first. Do I have to interview you and let you go?" and with much emotion he told me how thankful he is for my service and how he can tell I love the Lord. We mostly just talked about experiences we have had in following the promptings of the Spirit. We hardly talked about marriage, which is what I was expecting him to talk about, haha. He also said he went to Isla Bogado last week for their stake conference, and very few people were in the adult session, but Carlos and Susan Estigarribia were! 
I love you all so much. Let`s just chat up a storm next week so I can tell you my funny and spiritual stories and not just throw into an email what comes to mind about this past week. 
Your Sister Missionary,

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