Thursday, October 31, 2013

You know you're an RM when...

It's been a month since my last letter from the mission field. And oh the things that have changed. Everyone asks, "how are you adjusting?" Well, let me explain some of the adjustments. You know you're a recently-returned missionary from Paraguay when:

-You always forget to wear your seat belt. With such organized driving, who needs a seat belt?
-At 10:30 pm you feel like you should go to bed, but you don't feel tired because you didn't walk 10 miles and go up and down the whole roller coaster of emotions.
-You cringe a little when guys come up to hug you. Toooo close.
-You're not sure how to greet women. We don't give kisses on both cheeks here? Do you hug? Handshake?
-You look for your flip flops before showering before realizing you really can shower barefoot.
-You wake up on Friday morning thinking, "Today's weekly planning day." and on Monday thinking, "Sweet! Today's p-day!"
-Every new technology is a miracle. Blue tooth? GPS on your phone?
-You don't recognize your girl friends on facebook because their last names have changed. All of a sudden baby announcements fill the news feed instead of wedding announcements.
-The fridge is CRAZY full! We have so much food in the house!
-You really do just want to wear a skirt.
-You get crazy happy when you find someone who speaks Spanish.
-You say "hola" to everyone.
-Going places by yourself is just....lonely.
-You ring-check every attractive man because, you're finally available. Oh the confessions of an RM.

But one of the hardest things about being off the mission is the uncertainty of the future. For the past couple of years my near future was so planned. I didn't have to make any life-altering decisions. My companions were assigned to me, my area was given me...all I had to do was work hard and receive revelation in order to help other people. It's like I've been cast out of the garden of Eden, where everything was easier and joyous and less scary. My next area is not assigned to me, personal study time is not so easily found, daily and weekly goals are not so clear, and most unfortunate is that I can't just go to the mission office and pick up my next great companion.


  1. Welcome back Faith! Looking forward to seeing you (hopefully) soon.


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