Wednesday, April 9, 2014

General Gratitude

General Conference is always a very reflective time, but even more so since every April and October mark the beginning or end of my mission. In fact, on Friday, April 4, I re-united with three of my friends who also left on missions around the time I did. We took pictures at the exact same place, at the exact time of day as we did exactly two years earlier before going into the MTC. Two years ago we had no idea what Russia, Oakland, Paraguay, and the Philippines would teach us. 
I was thinking back to last April's General Conference, when I was serving in Isla Bogado, Paraguay. I wrote a list of what I got out of that conference which you can read by clicking here. 

My how things have changed since last General Conference! I had been looking forward to this weekend all semester since my parents and nieces and nephew were coming to visit. It was like a little slice of heaven during a busy time. These pictures should explain why. 

 This mom. Amazing.

You gotta love 8-year-old cursive, especially when its used to write love notes. 

 We miss Hope. 
As if going to conference in person with my family didn't make me lucky enough...

My dad and I listened to almost every session in the Legacy Theater on Temple Square. Biggest screen ever with the best man I know, listening to words of comfort and wisdom. 

In addition to feeling so blessed because of my awesome family, I feel so blessed because of the words of guidance and reassurance from the leaders of the church. Here are just a few nuggets I got out of conference this year, to get you going on your own list of Conference-gleaned inspiration:

1. Discipleship is a responsibility and a burden, but a JOYFUL one. 
2. The commandments of daily scripture study, prayer, Family Home Evening, etc. are not to be stressful add-ons to a to-do list, but stress relievers.
3. The Book of Mormon is SO TRUE! This is SO Jesus Christ's church! I can't say it enough. 
4. I need to make my home a family history center.
5. We are infinitely more precious than a tree, thus God will strengthen us with winds of adversity just like He does to trees. 
6. You hold the happiness of many people in your hands.
7. If blessings were immediate, we would not build faith.
8. If you let God be the leader of your family, things will always work out. 
9. ALL truth, no matter what its source, is part of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
10. "Let us have the courage to defy the consensus." Wrong is wrong no matter how many people think its right.
11.God can do so much more with my life than I can on my own. He already has.
12. Our love for the Savior is key to Savior-like obedience.
13. "Gratitude is a catalyst to all Christlike attributes."
14. I need to be studying Preach My Gospel again.
15. The gospel is not weight, it's wings!
16. Never suppress a generous thought. Life is just about 4 minutes long, after all. 
17. Heavy loads create spiritual traction and move us forward.
18. I need to express more love to as many people as possible, with no motive more than love itself. Love is a means unto itself. 
19. If you're keeping your covenants, there is nothing necessary for Salvation that will not in due time rest upon you. Whew. What a promise! Thanks Elder Packer!
20. The truth will always be opposed. Look for truth and you will always find dirt flying. Bring it on!
21. I need to serve lots more. 
22. May I realize how close He is willing to come. 

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