Thursday, May 28, 2015


 Most of you know that Carson and I both majored in Public Health at BYU. While Carson plans on the hospital administration route, my forte is health education. One aspect of our medical clinics here is education about how to prevent and treat disease. I love that we not only treat, but teach.

This is a picture from the first medical clinic we did, last week. Carson helped to A) find electricity and B) set up this projector with a very effective video about how germs spread. I didn't understand a word, but I understood the video perfectly because the images get the message across. 

The crowd seemed very interested and receptive. 

The girl next to me is named Jennifer. She speaks perfect English (which is pretty rare) because she has gone to school at Rising Star for several years! Her family lives in this leprosy colony, even though she personally is very healthy. It is neat to see the backgrounds the Rising Star students come from. 

That little boy in front is starting kindergarten here next week. His mom said he can't wait. He'll be one of the students I'll get to help tutor all summer!

 It's very clear to see here how much difference education can make in someone's life. It's the difference between these beautiful children living in this colony their whole lives, and going out with skills and opportunities to help their families improve their conditions. 

This is us a few days ago on our roof after a short rainstorm. Can I just add how much I love being here with my amazing, handsome husband? There are a lot of amazing aspects of being in India, but being with him is the best part!

All pictures taken by Shane Maryott

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