Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Spirit of God in India

We made our first trek to church today, and it wasn't as hot or un-understandable as I had expected. It was a somewhat long day, because we went to the airport to pick up another coordinator (yay!!), but it was wonderful.

On our way, Dr. Nevitha (she's the Indian volunteer program officer, just amazing and helps us out so much!) gave us a fruit called a jack fruit to try. Very different from anything I've ever eaten. It had the taste of corn, but was sweeter, it looks like a slimy yellow squash, and has the texture of....hmmm, I don't know anything similar in texture.

Here's Carson trying it.
 Then we (finally!) arrived at the chapel. It is just one of my favorite things ever to be in a foreign country and find the church, and set foot in a dedicated building. Such a sanctuary. Today was their district conference, so four branches were gathered together. I tried to sneak a picture, but it turned out really blurry. You get the idea. The mission president and his wife spoke, along with two returned young missionaries. Everything was done in English, and there was even a little air conditioning! We sat behind four Indian sister missionaries, and I wanted to just hug them so tight and say, "What you're doing is SO worth it!!!" Because I can only imagine how much they sweat and suffer in this heat, and how little reception they get. What angels.

 A choir sang "The Spirit of God" at the end and it was so powerful. I looked at that tiny sea of white-shirted men and nicely dressed women in their traditional dress, feeling the Spirit, enjoying the blessings of the restored gospel. I was so filled with gratitude that the gospel has reached so many corners of the earth. I am so HAPPY that these people, even though it's still a minuscule portion of India's huge population, get to be members of the church. It's pretty amazing what a few years of missionary work have done here, especially considering how many are Hindu and non-Christian. Just testimony that this is truly God's work. It builds my testimony to see it work in so many different areas of the world.
 This is the outfit I wore to church today. One of the fanciest in the repertoire here. I fit right in wearing it!

What also made my day was hearing that the Benitez family I met and taught in Paraguay that got baptized in May 2013 was sealed yesterday in the temple!!

And, this beautiful bride who got married in the temple last week was also baptized the same day as the Benitez family, two years ago! To hear of these temple sealings just fills my heart!

Carson also saw this picture on Facebook of a family he taught on his mission, who got sealed in the Gilbert temple last week.


We had dinner with this family last week right before leaving for India, and the father told us of how far he has come since joining the church, how his friends ask him, "What happened to you?" because he and his habits are so different. It's amazing to realize how many lives are changing for the better thanks to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and thanks to the fact hat it is spreading throughout the earth.

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  1. I'm so happy you are documenting your experience and sharing it with us. Whenever I see there's been an update to your blog my heart jumps and I can't wait to read it. So interesting!!


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