Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun after Finals

The past week and a half have been full of intense studying for our Old Testment, Arabic, Judaism, and Palestinian classes. We took our last two yesterday and had to celebrate last night. We only have two classes left for the rest of the semester!

 A few of us took a taxi to West Jerusalem and got gelatos on Ben Yehuda street. I asked the taxi driver to turn the Arab music up, and the stress melted right away. We found a park and spun on merry-go-rounds faster than the Disneyland tea cups on steroids. We took an elevator to the top of a 22-story hotel. We saw the end of a wedding in front of the Great Synagogue. We posed for pictures on statues, played tag, and looked at the few stars we could see.

We came home and had a late night field trip under ground under the Western Wall. I have literally been over and under the streets of Jerusalem...and Jerusalem is coming inside me.


  1. Congrats on finishing your first two classes! You guys must be on some sort of quarter of there instead of semester? That gelato looks fantastic, :-)


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