Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Galilee, where Jesus loved so much to be

We are currently in Galilee and having the most beautiful experience. This morning I woke up and went to the beach to read some New Testament, right as the sun was rising. I opened my scriptures and read in Matthew 13, "Jesus went out of the house, and sat by the sea side." It is such a sweet experience to sit by the sea that Christ sat beside, to swim in the waters he walked on and waves that He calmed, to visit the synagogues He preached in and worked miracles at. Our field trip to Capernaum the other day was one of my favorites. Capernaum was Jesus's hometown, more so than Jerusalem. That is where the woman was healed by touching His clothes, where He cast the devil out of the young boy, healed Peter's mother in law, where Christ gave his bread of life sermon, and many more miracles occured. We also went to the Mount of Beatitudes and place of the Sermon on the Mount. We alternate days of class and swimming at the beach with full days of field trips. We just got out of three hours of New Testament class, and I could have sat through  three more hours today. Christ's teachings are so powerful. Even though the world and our lives are stormy at times, I know He has power to calm it as he calmed the sea of Galilee, if only we seek Him and take his yoke upon us, learn of Him, and recieve rest unto our souls.

Paradise is being able to learn about Christ from inspired professors in a room full of the spirit, go ponder what you learned while sitting with your feet in the clear waters of the Sea of Galilee, and then do that again and again. I only hope that I can always remember this, and share this gift of being here with other people throughout the rest of my life.

More to come, with pictures worth ten thousand words. 


  1. How interesting that you would quote the first verse in Matthew 13--I just studied that chapter last night! It also mentions that this was "the same day," meaning the same day as the events in Chapter 12. That was the day the Pharisees were all over him for eating grain from a field and healing the sick on the Sabbath. I imagine this all took place in Capernaum, too, because it says he came "out of the house," which sounds like HIS house, and Capernaum was "his own city" after he was rejected in Nazareth for telling the people plainly that he was the Messiah prophesied of by Isaiah. Oh, to be there with you, drinking this all in!!

  2. the Gospel of Heaven and Christ can always be refreshing, astounding, overwhelmingly filled with inspiration. it is amazing when one reads a scripture once over and then after a time, reads it again to be suddenly struck by another profound truth, and to have it happen again in the future. I'm glad you are living the best out of the spiritual activities on your trip :)

    be sage,

  3. *safe, but yes please be sage as well ^_^

  4. Thanks for such thoughtful postings, Faith. I always feel the spirit when I read of your experiences. Glad you're doing well.


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