Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jog in Jerusalem

Dear Running,
It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry I just got too busy for you and had to replace you with workout videos and riding stationary bikes instead, because the security guards at the Jerusalem center won't let me go out with you alone or before it's light. But our date at dawn this morning made me so happy! My love for you lifts me higher every time we meet up. We'd never experienced so much limestone together before, or so many moments when my mouth exploded with exclamations of "I can't believe I live here!" It was a beautiful run. Made me think of all the good times we've had through so many years of cross country and track, and all the beautiful scenes I'm able to see through you.  And even though our date was accompanied by five other people, to me it was just you, me, and the sunrise.  There is a 10 k run, a half marathon and full marathon on March 25th right here in Jerusalem. Lots of my friends are doing it, let's see if we can, too! We'll make some great memories running on the beach in Galilee in a couple weeks. And even though this week is finals week and I'm really busy, I'm going to make time for you because you keep me sane. See you at 5:45 tomorrow morning again, ok my love?

I've missed you,


  1. The security guards here at home (Matthew,Katherine,and Melanie) won't let me go running in the mornings either. The javelinas also have their say. I can't wait until it gets light enough that I can go running before the guards wake up and after the javelinas have gone to bed.

  2. Faith, this is why I love you sooooo much!


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