Friday, April 1, 2011

Jerusalem is my classroom

My favorite picture of yesterday: finding these little Jewish boys eating popsicles in the Old City. Does a scene get much cuter?

This is us and Hashem (in the middle) on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In this church is where many believe the stone of Golgatha is that the cross was on, and the stone of unction where they anointed Christ's body. I've been wanting to get on the roof of the Church, so yesterday we ran into a shopkeeper and were just talking to him about Utah (he loves BYU students and is so sweet to us). I asked him if he knew how to get on the roof (it isn't really permitted to go up there) and he made it his mission to take us there. We didn't get to go all the way up, but we got part way and got some wonderful views. It was exciting!
Today we went to the Israel Museum as a research assignment. We spent three hours just doing the exhibits that are required and could have spent several more hours there. Seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls was just the beginning.

My homework list right now entails writing a 7-page paper about this, making a map of Israel, and New Testament reading. It's such enjoyable, interesting homework! We only have 21 days left and I'm cherishing every moment.


  1. We need another family reunion just to get together and hear first-hand about everything you've done this semester. :-) Can't believe there are only 21 days left for you! Are you headed back to Provo or Sedona for the summer?

  2. Can you believe your semester is almost at an end? I'm so proud of you and all you're accomplishing in your life. We love you.

  3. Hi Elise! I am actually headed home for just 12 days before I go to Tanzania for the summer to volunteer with HELP International. I'll probably have a blog for that, too. :)
    Carrie--I love you too and can't believe this semester has gone by so fast.

  4. Wow Faith, you are quite the world traveler! :-) I love reading about all your experiences so I hope you will end up having a blog about your humanitarian-centered summer.


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