Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wake up and smell the palm fronds

I had a great free day last Sunday, which was Palm Sunday. We left the JC at 6 a.m. and went to the church of the Holy Sepulchre to hear the organ that plays early in the morning. The organ wasn't playing, but it was still fun to go and hear some monks singing. Then we went to the Jewish Quarter and got some fresh cinnamon rolls and pastries and ate them in the Hurva Synagogue plaza, one of our favorite places to spend time. Then we went to Hezekiah's tunnel one more time. It was already hot at 8 a.m. so it felt really good. The only thing is, we just plumb forgot that it is pitch dark inside. We hadn't brought our flashlights or head lamps. But it didn't occur to us to not do it, we just walked it in the dark. Ashley bought a 4 shekel key chain flashlight and used the flash on her camera when we were desperate. It was a blast, and I almost recommend doing it in the dark if you ever go.

That afternoon is the Palm Sunday walk from Bethphage to Lions Gate, which is the route the Savior rode the donkey in on. There were literally thousands of people making the 2-hour march in the afternoon heat.

It was a great experience to be one the same roads that Jesus followed on Palm Sunday. Before Palm Sunday was just another Sunday, but now I'll never think of it the same again.

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