Friday, January 6, 2012


I have a confession. I just got on the Pinterest bandwagon. If you don't know what Pinterest is, read on. I was just like you until a few weeks ago.  I still don't really get it, but virtually it's a bulletin board where you can put things you like in one place from websites all over the web. You can look at your friends boards and see things that they like and re-pin them to your board. You install a 'pin' button on your tool bar, so that when you're surfing the web (something I never do) you can pin things you like to a board that it's applicable to. You could have a recipe board, a ward activities board, an FHE ideas board, a fitness board, a quotes board....anything you want.

What's funny is that you can't just sign up, like you would sign up for a gmail account or a facebook account. You have to be invited. I requested an invitation and got an email that said they will send me an invite soon. So, what are they doing over there at Pinterest headquarters? Analyzing me to see if I'm good enough to be invited? All they know about me is my email address. They must be thinking,

"Well, she has a gmail account. That's pretty cool. I guess we'll let her in."

What I think is the neatest thing about it is all about ideas and discovering and organizing them. It's a better way to organize my ideas than all the drafts I have in my email account. I have drafts titled "Quotes," "Books to Read," "Recipes to Make," "Ideas for my Future Family" and it's great because I can access them from wherever I have internet access and even if my house burned down or my journals were stolen I would still have those lists.

But's a whole new dimension those drafts of ideas. Because of it I'm hoping to make strides in my pursuit to become a domestic goddess. Maybe in a few years  I can wake up and make these pancakes for my kids, all because I saw them on Pinterest.
Pinned Image
But I don't know if I'll reach that degree of domestic goddessness.

Then when their taste buds are ready for more sophisticated pancakes, I can make these lemon poppy seed pancakes that, yes, I found on Pinterest.

Pinned Image

If you can't tell, the recipes part is my favorite.

But, say I have six rambunctious little boys? Wouldn't they love to make this and shoot their mom with marshmallows?
Or grow seeds in a book?
Pinned Image

Good thing I'm only taking 9 credits so I have a little time to  induldge in such pinning pursuits.  

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