Sunday, June 21, 2015

Healthy Rising Stars

Remember when you got your vaccinations to enter Kindergarten? If your parents were like mine, they made it bearable by telling you you would go out for ice cream afterward if you didn't cry. I only wish I could have offered the same bribe to these kids at Rising Star this week.

Over the past two weeks, we've been helping with the medical processes for the newly-admitted students, in addition to our normal projects with volunteers. It's pretty heart-breaking so watch these innocent kids bounce up to the medical center during the first week of school, then to see it dawn on them what's going to happen as they watch their classmates exit the room still hiccuping tears and telling everyone what happened to them (I assume that's what they're saying to each other--it's all over our heads).  Not even Duck, Duck, Goose and all the fun songs I could think of would keep them distracted. But, thanks to these vaccinations, they'll never get measles, mumps, OR rubella, and I think that's quite the gift.

We also helped give all the students at Rising Star de-worming tablets this week, did a lice treatment on all their cute heads (even though it's mostly precautionary, as none of us saw any lice) and participated in a talk about hygiene and another about first aid. We also helped with yearly physicals for all the standards.  I also accompanied all the new students to a nearby health clinic to get their blood typed.

After applying the lice shampoo, we wrap their heads in little towel turbans, and they have to sleep in it. They love it. 

A shout-out to our most elderly volunteer, Marie Jo. She's 71 but you'd never guess it. She was on the floor working the hardest during de-lousing treatment. She plays soccer with the kids (great goalie!) and never takes breaks during construction work. She's from France, and she's a huge inspiration to everyone here. 

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