Monday, June 22, 2015


Today after our rotations of work, we took a little trip to a nearby city called Kancheepuram. Many of the volunteers are leaving on Wednesday, and they wanted to see an elephant before they left.

We went to a Hindu temple, a sacred place where we had to leave our shoes outside (and pay a guy a few rupees to keep them from getting snatched). Although we went to see an elephant, we got way distracted by the monkeys on the outside of the temple. They were adorable! They were really eating bananas.

The elephant inside the temple walls was very well-trained. You go up to him, he takes your money in his trunk, passes it to the man beside him, then lifts his trunk to your forehead and "blesses" you. 

After a few people, they took the elephant away, so we didn't personally get "blessed," but no big deal, because we're already plenty blessed. 

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