Thursday, June 25, 2015


Through the difficulties of living in India lie the golden moments. Most of them, for me, have to do with the kids. Moments like playing soccer with the 4th grade PE class and the Larson family, a sweet family of volunteers with three kids. It wasn't too hot, scores of dragon flies bobbed in the sky above the field, the kids (both American volunteers and the Indian students) were so happy, and everything seemed to be going perfectly. Those are the moments. 

Other moments are often during playtime (which is every afternoon for an hour). When a child runs up to you, calling you by name. When you look over a playground full of a couple hundred children squealing with delight and bouncing off the ground in sheer health and happiness to be alive. When you see volunteers and children playing so naturally together. When you see these two little boys on the swings crack up with laughter over their own jokes. 

The kids here may not live with their families, but their friends become their family. They are so close to each other, and you can see real love and care between them. 
 Two of our youngest volunteers, Brooke and Sarah.
 One of the most outgoing kindergarteners, Nitesh. 

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